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What is chain play? An indispensable data analysis tool for NFT gamers

GameFi, according to many large global funds such as A16z, Animoca, and Pantera, can be seen from the influx of countless funds into game projects and the increasing number of game publishers that GameFi is still a potential market.

The GameFi market is still in its infancy, and there are not many websites that can help you synthesize complete information for investors to further understand the market.

Let us blog iron brain Find out what sites any investor interested in GameFi and NFTs should know.

ChainPlay – Top NFT Games for Web3 and Blockchain Market

It is the most complete website that brings together all the information an investor needs about the GameFi market such as: volume, market cap, price…

The project interface is beautifully designed and provides users with all the indicators of interest in the project. In addition, ChainPlay also provides a Vietnamese version for Vietnamese users.

The ChainPlay website is full of great and useful features such as:

  • Instantly Playable Games: Help investors and gamers know which games are available to play, experience or invest in first-hand.

  • Genres: This place shows almost every genre of games that players want to search for

As a person who only plays MOBA games, when you click on the “Type” column and select MOBA games, you can immediately know which MOBA games are more popular in the market. Here is complete information for you to analyze each item.

  • Fundraising: Shows the GameFi project’s most recent funding round

All information related to the funding of game projects, you can also find on Chainplay, such as Roi (Return Rate), how many dollars were raised, IGO on which platform. The whip of the platform is the same as that of the investment fund in the game. This is a very interesting feature. Investors and gamers can quickly update which projects have invested how much money, making it easier and more accurate to decide which game projects they want to participate in.

  • Free games that require no money can be played immediately

Confused because GameFi needs to spend a lot of money to play and experience. Chainplay aggregates GameFi items to play for free (players don’t need to invest) and still make money.

  • Events Calendar: ChainPlay’s events calendar combines past, upcoming, and ongoing ICO events, IDOs, INOs, and more.

ChainPlay aggregates all events in the GameFi market, so that investors and users do not miss even the smallest event. Helps reduce search and research time to make better decisions.

Hope serial drama It will help gamers and investors accurately find the game items they are interested in, so as to have a better experience when playing games and make the most accurate investment decisions.

Blogtienao is not responsible for any of your investment decisions. I wish you success and make great profits from this potential market.



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