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The ETH whale that has been sleeping for more than 7 years has just “woke up”

Another “hibernating” Ethereum wallet officially reopened this week, Whale Alert reported. Therefore, since 2014, this wallet address has been idle for more than 7 years.

According to Whale Alert, this is an “early” address. Last activity was recorded 7.3 years ago. This suggests that this may have been an early Ethereum investor who bought ETH during the Ethereum ICO between late July 2014 and September 2014.

Currently, the wallet holds 200 ETH, worth approximately $249,650. In the comments section, TWITTER users suggested that the owner of this wallet address may have just found the key to their long-lost wallet address.

A few days ago, an ancient Ethereum wallet holding 500 ETH, after experiencing the same period of “dormant”, doubled this address was also activated.

Returning to Ethereum, the coin’s price has now recovered to $1200 after falling to $1100. On November 5, affected by the recent FTX exchange scandal, ETH also recorded trading near the $1,600 mark, and then joined the Bitcoin market, and the market returned to the current mark. Facebook | YOUTUBE | TWITTER



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